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Field Program


Chronicles from Hitch 1. Spoiler... it was cold!

A little poem to celebrate the Northern Rockies leaders' last hitch.

Lindsay and Cam share a poem about saw certification week

Field Coordinator Dani recounts the first 9-day hitch of the season, from the POV of an MCC staff member- lessons, challenges, and memories made!

Outlining our crew's partnership with the Forestry Service and local volunteers to build and improve trails

WRT Crews unite! Read on for a recount of the WW and GY WRT crews' hitch surveying and spraying invasive weeds along the Salmon River in Idaho.

Into the cow fields and sunrise they came...

2021 Greater Yellowstone Crew 1 describes their last hitch in Shoshone National Forest!

The weather is starting to get colder and colder as the season nears the end. At least we'll always have hot chocolate!

We did it! Did we dream it?

Ashley describes an attempt to summit Mt St Nicholas during a break off hitch, and some unexpected challenges that cropped up.

This season taught me to lean into resilience.

The last hitch for WRT found them moving across the states from Nebraska, to South Dakota, and back to Montana

Mud Crew reflects on their season and ends it the right way: with funfetti cake cooked in an orange peel!

Great Yellowstone Crew #1 heads back to Shoshone National Forest for the last time to re-route a local favorite trail.

Learning about the landscape, it's native people, and trying to keep current hikers on designated trails

Greater Yellowstone Crew #1 recounts their gorgeous hitch in Yellowstone National Park, and the helpful lesson they got from the NPS project partner!

Guest blogger Erin describes this Western Wildland crew's challenging hitch dealing with the nearby Club Fire while trying to log out a trail.

Greater Yellowstone Crew #1 finishes up their project on the Ink Wells Lake Trail in the beautiful Shoshone National Forest

September has been a month of changes for our crew.

This Greater Yellowstone crew describes their hitch re-routing a trail up Gannett Peak in WY.

Oakley describes this WRT crew's exciting discovery in South Dakota while doing some mesic restoration.

A Hitch To Remember (Or Maybe Forget)

Scott reflects on his time in the backcountry and how it reshaped his perspective.

Field crew member Erin muses on what it means to do things "the hard way".

In this blog, Northern Rockies crew member Ashley shares the trials and tribulations of living in their 2006 Honda Pilot "Roxane"

Our crew finally got to crosscut this hitch and hiked nearly 60 miles of trail!

Greater Yellowstone crew member Mia recounts their recent hitch blasting and rock work in the Shoshone National Forest

Greater Yellowstone Crew #1 describes their hitch working along the CDT, and a cool wildlife sighting!

Crew 5 describes their recent hitch clearing blowdowns on the Continental Divide Trail

GY Crew 1 recounts the hitch where they logged out 350 trees in 20 miles of trail!

Crew 5 recounts their surprising and delightful discoveries on their mid-July hitch.

Moose Creek immersion crew member Tyler reflects on the beauty of the deep woods and nearing the end of the season.

Western Wildlands crew leader Kelsey paints a vivid picture of the beauty that their crew encounters in Hell's Canyon and the Seven Devil's Mountains, despite all the challenges the wilderness throws at them.

Which Trees Live, Which Trees Die?

Moose Creek immersion crew member Gabe shares a poem

Women's NPS crew member Katherine describes working with a lesser-known subset of wildland fire, the Fire Effects group within Grand Teton National Park

Mark is serving on one of MCC's immersion crews this summer. In this blog, Mark recounts what it's like to work and live full time in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Our crew partnered with the forest service to brush back plants that have grown onto the trail, close off social trails, and dig drains.

Greater Yellowstone Field Crew 2 clears trails and saws trees in the Teton Wilderness

Oakley describes this crew's recent hitch working on riparian area restoration in Hot Springs, SD.

Our crew helped build the longest high beam bridge in Yellowstone National Park while battling harsh, wet conditions and exhausting work.

Alexander recounts a challenging and rewarding recent hitch.

Adeline recounts their crew's three hitches on the trail Forks Patrol.

Guest blogger Oakley gives a short and sweet account of their last weed spraying hitch in West Yellowstone.

Daniel shares the life lesson his crew picked up this season.

Erin celebrates and reflects on the halfway point of the season!

Braxton describes the Kootenai Forestry Crew's recent hitch to thin ponderosa pines along the Canadian border in order to stimulate grasses and improve habitat.

Immersion crew member Tyler shares a poem and closes out the crew's long stint in the backcountry.

Immersion crew member Tyler contemplates the toils of hitch 3.