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Housing at MCC


[Image description: Five tents nestled amongst boulders, overlooking a mountainous landscape.]

Housing in Montana can be challenging. The cost of living throughout the country is increasing rapidly, and our state is not immune to these national trends. This is making it especially hard for service members to find affordable housing in our communities. While MCC cannot provide housing for all participants, we are working to provide safe and affordable options for members.

As a result of our 2023 Housing Survey, we found that:

  • About 50% of participants find housing on their own, meaning they already lived in Montana, or found a suitable rental in town
  • About 32% of participants were provided housing/camping by either MCC or a partner agency (USFS, BLM, NPS, Non-Profit, etc.)
  • About 20% of participants elected not to find housing and chose to car camp on public lands 

Below are a variety of options for housing at MCC. Not all options are available for all positions, and MCC cannot guarantee that these options can be available for all participants.

Housing Options for all Positions & Programs:

Renting a room in an apartment or house:

  • MCC can connect you with other folks serving in your area to find housing together.  
  • In 2023 housing survey results, we found that rent amounts between $600-899 were reported most frequently. The average monthly rental costs were $564. Rent is more expensive in our larger and more popular communities like Bozeman and Missoula.
  • We have resources to help you find a suitable rental in Bozeman, Helena, Kalispell, and Missoula

Base Camp Options for Adult Conservation Crews:

MCC has several different options for remote camping and/or bunkhouses where members can stay on their days off. The level of amenities varies, and oftentimes these camps are remote and outside of town. This means members electing to live in these Base Camps must be comfortable with remote settings. Some of these offerings have a fee per person to maintain the facilities. 

Central Divide (Helena) Regional Options

Greater Yellowstone (Bozeman) Regional Options

Northern Rockies (Kalispell) Regional Options

Western Wildlands (Missoula) Regional Options

Housing Options for Individual Placement Positions:

Members in MCC's Individual Placement Program (Conservation Interns, Conservation Fellows, and Big Sky Watershed Corps Members) are placed with various communities throughout Montana. Due to the nature of the program, housing options and prices can vary widely. Some placements are in larger communities like Missoula or Billings, while others are in smaller, more rural communities like Winnett or Broadus. Our host site supervisors and MCC staff are invested in helping members find a suitable housing situation. This could be connecting folks with local community members, host sites subsidizing housing costs, or space in a shared US Forest Service bunkhouse.

Housing Options for Youth Program Leaders:

In addition to renting a room in an apartment or house and host family options, our Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Crew Leaders are provided housing by their US Forest Service Partner, typically space in a shared US Forest Service bunkhouse. These housing options become available in mid June, and are not available for the 4 week training period leading up to the summer field season. Our Expedition Leaders in our Northern Branch (Kalispell) have the option of staying at The Raven.