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[Image Description: A MCC member, wearing their uniform with a can of bear spray and saw on their hip belt, standing on an overlook. In the distance there are mountains, blanketed in trees.]

In the News

Montana Conservation Corps is a nationally-recognized Montana-based nonprofit dedicated to inspiring young people through hands-on conservation service to be leaders, stewards of the land, and engaged citizens who improve their communities.  MCC young adult and youth crews work on public land conservation projects throughout Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and the Dakotas. 

MCC Press Contact Information

Jono McKinney, President/CEO  | 406-587-4475 ext. 103 or jono at

  • Read Conservation Fellow Emily Soreghan's article, Streamside Dispatch, about her travels around Montana for the Ranching for Rivers program (R4R).

  • Episode #163: Be Bold - Inspiring the next generation to protect and cherish our natural spaces with Caleb Stewart of The Montana Conservation Corps

  • Forest Service deploys historic funding across Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest

    Years of deferred maintenance at recreation sites on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest are getting checked off the to-do list as the forest capitalizes on funding from the Great American Outdoors Act.

    Read more about how the Helena-Lewis and Clark Natl Forest is utilizing these funds by using MCC crews!

  • Workers test Gallatin Co. waters for E. coli

    2023 Conservation Intern Chase Ackerman talks with NBC Montana about testing the waters for toxic algae blooms in Gallatin Valley.

  • Chainsaw training for MCC team members happening in Helena
    HELENA — If you go hiking out on Mount Helena this week you may hear the distant whirring of chainsaws. And if you follow this trail, you might see some of the important training being done by the Montana Conservation Corps.

  • Native plant project helping keep Missoula's water clean

    MISSOULA - A native plant project planted several varieties of riparian plants along Pattee Creek Drive in Missoula on Friday. Big Sky Watershed Corps member Mackenzie Tenan led the project, partnering with Missoula Stormwater and several state organizations to fund the project.

  • Chris Kammerer: The ruthless way we treat the land, embodied by Bell Bowl Prairie’s plight, needs rethinking

    I was 23 when I left Chicago to move to Montana, having landed a job with the Montana Conservation Corps. I swung a pick 10 hours a day and slept in a tent beside alpine lakes. I thought I was escaping civilization and “going back to nature,” but that’s not something any city kid, farmer, scientist or environmentalist can achieve alone.

    Read on about MCC Alum Chris' plea to save one of Illinois' remaining prairies.

  • Volunteers perform trail maintenance in Kalispell for National Public Lands Day

    Read more and watch a video about our Northern Rockies members' volunteer efforts at Lone Pine State Park and Herron Park.

  • Women in the United States have been fighting fires for centuries. The first all-women wildland fire crew was created by the California Department of Forestry 80 years ago. Nevertheless, women are underrepresented in firefighting positions across local, state, and federal agencies.

    Featuring our Women's Fuels and Fire program, Read More about the efforts to train women in wildland fire at Yosemite and Grand Teton National Parks.

  • Deputy Interior Secretary Touts Investments in Montana Infrastructure at Helena Event

    Tommy Beaudreau, President Joe Biden’s deputy secretary of the Interior, touted the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and how it will benefit Montana during a press event in Helena Friday.

    “It is truly an opportunity to unleash resilience initiatives, the work of the (Montana Conservation) Corps, but also demonstrate to all of us true common ground when it comes to providing for fundamental needs of the American people around basic infrastructure, resilient landscapes and good-paying jobs and opportunities to rebuild America better than ever,” Beaudreau said.

  • Gateway to Glacier Trails Gaining Ground

    Read more about this new project to expand recreational opportunities near Glacier National Park.

  • Pattee Creek Watershed Project Planned

    Read more about BSWC member Mackenzie's project in partnership with Stormwater Utility Missoula to reduce water pollution in Pattee Creek by introducing native plants.

  • Wildlife officials survey for snapping turtles, bullfrogs

    Read more about MCC's Herptile Crew!

  • Females on the frontlines: St. Norbert College graduate is debunking stereotypes and helping diversify the fire industry

  • Female Firefighters Changing Future of Industry

    ABC News; Kayna Whitworth reports on the female firefighters on the wildfire frontlines fighting to save the environment while knocking down gender stereotypes.

  • Volunteers Hit the Trails and Build A New One

    MISSOULA — Here in Montana, you usually don’t have to go far to find a trail to get lost in. Walking through the woods is a pastime for those of us lucky enough to call this state home. On Saturday for National Public Lands day, a team of about 50 got to work on Mount Dean Stone, just south of Missoula.

  • MCC Alum Surya Milner writes about the new CCC and their experience with MCC in "A New Conservation Corps for the Climate".

  • Montana Conservation Corps: An Opportunity to Learn to Live

    HELENA — Just south of Helena, the Montana Conservation Corps has officially wrapped up a fire mitigation project, where crew members were tasked with removing aerial fuel for a prescribed burn, or in the event of a fire in the area.

  • Big Sky Watershed Corps member Colin Threlkeld was recently featured on the Great Falls based podcast, We're No Dam Experts. Colin is serving his term with the Central and Eastern Montana Invasive Species Team (CEMIST) working on invasive species prevention, education, and outreach east of the divide. In the podcast, Colin chats with the hosts about invasive species, what we can do to prevent their spread, and where we can go to learn more.