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[Image Description: Five MCC members stand together, in front of a rustic cabin. One of the members has a crosscut saw resting on their shoulder. They all have their loaded backpacks on, and look ready to hit the trail!]


Looking for a way to support MCC and help serve your community?

  • Host an AmeriCorps member in your home
  • Just 4 to 5 days every two weeks
  • Earn a little income while creating a safe space for an AmeriCorps member

Housing rental prices are on the rise and availability is decreasing. It has become difficult for AmeriCorps National Service members to find housing in the communities where they serve. In 2021, 30% of MCC AmeriCorps members ended up living out of their cars or camping between service projects. This was stressful physically and emotionally. 

Housing an MCC corps member during days off is a great way to support these young leaders. Members spend 20 days out of the month in the field while serving on projects. They need a home base to recover between projects.

Can You Help House a Corps Member?

We are seeking host families in Bozeman, Helena, Kalispell, and Missoula. MCC members signing up for this option are ready to pay up to 25% of their AmeriCorps living stipend for housing.

We hope host families will consider this rate as a contribution to the MCC member’s experience. These members give up a lot to serve in Montana communities. They make lasting contributions to our public lands.  With your help this experience will be possible for the next generation of service members in Montana.

What members need:

  • a safe and private place to sleep and store their belongings
  • access to shared amenities such as a bathroom and kitchen. Laundry is great but not required.
  • a place to park a vehicle
  • key access to the living quarters


Here's a Little Bit of What to Expect

There are several lengths of time that a host family could support a member.  Schedules vary in the spring and fall. For most of the summer, they are out in the field for 8-10 days at a time. They are home for 4-5 days between these "hitches".

  • Field Crew Members: May to October
    • $1,474 monthly living allowance or $368 housing fee
  • Youth Expedition Leaders: May to August
    • $1,714 monthly living allowance or $428 housing fee
  • Field Crew Leaders: March to October
    • $1,674 monthly living allowance or $418 housing fee

We hold high professional expectations of our members and hold them accountable for their behavior. What’s unique about AmeriCorps is that MCC'ers are expected to be positive members of the community. To help ensure that both parties understand the expectations for the season, host families and MCC members will sign an agreement committing to joint standards of conduct.

Exploring Housing Solutions for AmeriCorps Members

MCC is working on solutions to address our corps members' housing needs. We are increasing stipends. We are developing remote basecamps by partnering with federal land managers. We surveyed corps members last summer. We learned that 30% of crew members ended up living out of their car or camping. Our participants noted increased mental health and physical recovery challenges from their living situation. 

Help MCC support these AmeriCorps National Service participants to be the front-line stewards of our beloved public lands.

Corps Member Survey: What is your Housing Situation?