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Connect With MCC

[Image Description: Five MCC members sitting together on a overlook. They are all wearing their MCC t-shirts and smiling!]

Connect with MCC

As a friend, supporter, or former AmeriCorps member, we are committed to keeping you connected to the people and places that your gift or term of service has impacted!

  • What are crews working on this summer? Are there any upcoming volunteer events I can help with? These questions and more can be answered by simply subscribing to our e-newsletter.  By highlighting our latest project work, a crews’ field experience, or featuring tales from a Corps Member, you’ll have a unique connection back to your own term of service or a glimpse into the impact of your donation.

  • What have you been up to since your term of service? Our alumni go on to do great things in communities across the country like organizing clean-ups, hiking cross-country, or even pursuing a new career. Shed light on how your experience with MCC impacted you by submitting your story and we may feature it in an upcoming newsletter, media release, or on our blog or social media. By showcasing the activities of our alumni, we can connect graduates with our network of supporters, sponsors, and project partners. 

  • Donations from parents, alumni, and others allow MCC to continue providing a quality experience for our Corps Members. Your donation is an investment in young people that reinforces leadership and teamwork, teaches outdoor skills, and fosters strong ethics for public service and hard work for years to come. Consider making a one-time donation, or becoming a monthly donor. A few dollars a month can really make an impact!

  • We want you to share your story and help others experience MCC! We are currently recruiting several MCC AmeriCorps positions, and we've made it easy for you to spread the word. Click on the photos below to download and share them on Instagram and Facebook!

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  • Looking for another way to rep MCC? Want to get some swag for a family member? Visit this third-party shop for merch with the MCC logo on it, or shoot us an email at to see what we have on hand.

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