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Youth Expeditions


[Image Description: Four MCC members sitting in a lush green field, having a meaningful conversation about their CORE learnings.]

Our Curriculum: The 4Ps

At MCC, we believe that when we meaningfully connect to a sense of place, to other people, to a sense of personal power, and to pathways into the future, we connect to a sense of purpose. These 4 Ps (place, people, power, and pathways) provide the foundation for our field curriculum. 

This curriculum is present in two places in the field: the CORE manual (our field curriculum guide for leaders) and the Unbounded manual (the companion field journal for crew members).

We’ll cover a variety of lessons focused on outdoor education, technical skills, leadership, and communication. Unbounded will be your place to work through and document it all- capturing your own learnings, takeaways, and goals.