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Welcome to the MCC Blog

[Image Description: Four MCC members wade across a river. In the background, there are hillsides covered in gold from the quaking aspens, and deep green pine trees.]


Welcome to the MCC Blog!

If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at our organization, you’ve come to the right place. This blog features our member's stories, straight from the field. Be sure to check back regularly to read the latest updates.

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Gray shares the progress that the Spotted Bear crew has made on cutting a new trail up to the summit of Green Mountain.

Trail Work on the Roosevelt Meadows Trail

Did you know that wildland firefighting has its own team of scientists? Follow along as we learn how to count sticks, for science of course!

What it takes to clear a trail that's been closed for years due to fire and mudslides.

Alan, the best project partner one could hope for.

YCC Crew Member Arin shares a "day in the life" as their crew fixes a fence and moves pack animals into their new habitat.

Liesel recaps the first half of the season of the Women's+ trail crew- lessons learned and sweet memories made.

Jackson recounts playing spikeball after a long day of work in Glacier National Park.

Wildland Restoration Team 4 reflects on their noxious weed encounters after a few hitches in the Frank Church- River of No Return Wilderness

Expedition Leader Emma shares a recap of this Expedition crew's first two hitches, and a couple of member-written poems!

Flynn takes the reader on a tour of a recently burned landscape.

One of our crews collaborates on this homage to veggies in the mac and cheese.

Katja writes about their crew's first backcountry trail hitch that proved more challenging than anticipated. But they overcame!

Hayley shares some reflections and quotes from the Glacier Youth Corps crew members' recent hitch at Bowman Lake.

In this hitch, Lindsay's crew was swarmed by mosquitos. But they managed to get the project done, to the delight of stock and hikers alike!

Lucienne describes their crew's recent beautiful and challenging backcountry hitch near Bonner's Ferry in Idaho.

Emma shares photos and facts from YCC's week conducting amphibian surveys!

Senior Expedition Leader Emma got to visit a Youth Expedition out on the prairie near Winnett, MT and learned all about beaver dam analogs.

Jess recounts the ups and downs of a half front-country, half backcountry hitch complete with big weather, illness, poison ivy, and more.

Jess recounts their crew's first hitch this season, full of cutting trees, hauling rocks, and an unexpected boot mishap.

A trip into Anaconda near Sugarloaf Mountain, where we managed invasive weeds, built a BDA, and took inventory of invasives.

Northern Rockies Forestry Crew experiences bush-whacking.

Noxious Weed Spraying in Yellowstone National Park

We jumped into the season right away, working with multiple disciplines in the Forest Service.

YCC Crew Leader Andy describes a day as on a YCC crew- this time cleaning fire rings and picking up trash!

Frances recounts life on hitch with "The Selway Five" and some of their accomplishments and treasured moments.

The story of how lopping trees brought our crew together

Gray shares his crew's smooth-sailing last hitch clearing fallen trees from trails in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Kevin is a spunky, pink rubber chicken that joined us on all of our service projects in Glacier National Park

Viola shares a poem about trail work

Allison's crew cleaned 8 different trails on this hitch, all of them varying in difficulty

Erin tells a story of clearing juniper from a ponderosa understory while avoiding an angry bull- and shares some hitch memories along the way.

Wildlife Friendly Barbed Wire Fencing the Caribou-Targhee National Forest (Stoddard Creek Camp Ground)

Declan recounted a challenging but rewarding hitch clearing a border between the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest and private property nearby.

Jackson recount this crew's recent hitch into Glacier National Park, and the fun they had skipping rocks into Lake McDonald!

Alayna recaps their crew's first hitch clearing the Wind Lake trails of 212 trees! And some memories and lessons along the way.

A rushed Tuesday morning, that is what I felt as the crew gets ready for our first official hitch.

Riley recounts the power the nightly fire held over them during their hitch of nonstop rain.

Lindsay recounts her crew's recent hitch to widen some trails with the BLM so they are more accessible to all users!

Lindsay explains her crew's recent hitch to install wildlife-friendly fencing in Paradise Valley, and why the fencing is so important for roaming animals.

We did it! Our first full nine-day hitch! Or did we? MCC’s Burgdorf Crew recaps our first full hitch.

Gray recounts their crew's brush with hypothermia in some unexpected cold temps and snow. Montana is unpredictable in the late spring/early summer!

Rain or snow, weeds get targeted! Benjamin describes this very wet hitch in the Lolo National Forest to spray invasive weeds.

Emma shares the Women's Fuels and Fire Crew's experience at Rookie School in Wyoming!

How water can shape a 9-day hitch.

Ren recounts how their crew's first hitch in Lost Creek State Park felt like experiencing every season in 9 days.

Katja describes the unprecedented weather events their crew faced with the recent storms.

A Rainy Hitch in Glacier National Park

During Youth Week, the North and South branches of the Youth Program bond and get really close!

The Moose Creek Immersion crew starts their journey!