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Welcome to the MCC Blog

[Image Description: Four MCC members wade across a river. In the background, there are hillsides covered in gold from the quaking aspens, and deep green pine trees.]


Welcome to the MCC Blog!

If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at our organization, you’ve come to the right place. This blog features our member's stories, straight from the field. Be sure to check back regularly to read the latest updates.

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Mystical memories to be shared by all in Yellowstone National Park.

This Northern Rockies forestry crew tries their hands at being cowboys for a week.

Delia recounts a September hitch in the Payette National Forest, and some treasures discovered along the way.

Trail crew member, Catherine Surbaugh recounts a hitch on the Continental Divide Trail in late August.

Click here to learn more about our hot take on the controversial sump sock vs. sump screen debate.

Gray pens an end-of-season tribute to Green Mountain and the Spotted Bear Ranger District, where this crew spent most of their season redefining a lost trail.

Packsaddle Lake, take two!

Crew Member Sarah recounts a hitch spent thinning trees in Idaho.

Bad weather brought us all closer.

One woman, a thousand stories.

Influence: important people and important places - Yellowstone backcountry trails

Conservation Fellow Kat tells us about a recent trip with the Great Burn Conservation Alliance and kids!

Movie night and cowboy camping after days of digging tread.

Declan recounts a recent hitch to Tincup creek to build Beaver Dam Analogs, and some of the lessons and little memories earned along the way.

Crew member Joshua writes a candid letter to fellow fall-start crew members.

The canyons of the Nez-Perce hold amazing views, bountiful berry patches, dead zones, and the setting for personal and crew development.

Northern Rockies Forestry crew spends 4 weeks looking at trees (and more).

Julia recounts the last hitches of the WRT crews living at the Krassel Work Center and takes a look back at the memories made together.

Ren recounts their crew's last hitch in Shoshone National Forest after several hitches spent working on the Fishhawk Creek Trail.

Gavin shares a poem about their crew's recent hitch to cut trail along the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park.

Recounting our crew's experience completing the longest backcountry bridge in Yellowstone National Park.

Crew 2 takes on a dirt bike trail re-route and hungry hornets

Jonathan recounts their youth crew's August hitch in Yellowstone National Park to repair some of the boardwalks.

Youth Leader Bostwick shares a trail song in the style of a sea shanty.

Crew Leader Tara recounts a busy hitch of crushing bugs and rocks at Twentymile in Idaho.

Patrick pens a short and sweet note about the takeaways from this season so far serving as a YCC Crew Leader.

As the Flathead National Forest forestry crew, we're often running chainsaws and thinning tree stands. But our work doesn't always involve taking the lives of these trees. Sometimes we get to save them.

Outlining our crew's partnership with the Resource Management Team in the west district of Yellowstone National Park

Gray pens a farewell note to their beloved summer term only crew member, Laken.

Jack recounts learning the ways of the chainsaw and the crosscut.

What's better than seeing a moose? Seeing TWO!

Women's Fuels and Fire crew member Natalie shares some sweet memories and thank yous to close out their season. It's the Riparian Rats last hitch!

Crew Leader Skylin recounts a fun and challenging hitch near Cliff Lake in the Madison Ranger District.

Conservation Intern Maria writes muses about recent changes and hopes for her upcoming term in this blog that she wrote back in June.

Senior Expedition Leader Avi gives us a glimpse into what "site visits" (visiting a youth crew on a project) look like for SELs and Staff!

Crew Leader Bostwick describes a fun off-day at Stanton Lake in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Callie writes an ode to Emma Creek, a gem of the Kootenai National Forest.

Lucienne recounts this crew's hitches spent widening a trail from Hidden Lake to the West Fork Cabin with the Forest Service, the Idaho Trail Association, and their MCC crew. And, some of the special moments and memories made.

Gray shares the progress that the Spotted Bear crew has made on cutting a new trail up to the summit of Green Mountain.

Trail Work on the Roosevelt Meadows Trail

Did you know that wildland firefighting has its own team of scientists? Follow along as we learn how to count sticks, for science of course!

What it takes to clear a trail that's been closed for years due to fire and mudslides.

Alan, the best project partner one could hope for.

YCC Crew Member Arin shares a "day in the life" as their crew fixes a fence and moves pack animals into their new habitat.

Liesel recaps the first half of the season of the Women's+ trail crew- lessons learned and sweet memories made.

Jackson recounts playing spikeball after a long day of work in Glacier National Park.

Wildland Restoration Team 4 reflects on their noxious weed encounters after a few hitches in the Frank Church- River of No Return Wilderness

Expedition Leader Emma shares a recap of this Expedition crew's first two hitches, and a couple of member-written poems!

Flynn takes the reader on a tour of a recently burned landscape.

One of our crews collaborates on this homage to veggies in the mac and cheese.