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Learn More About Adult Conservation Crews

[Image description: Six MCC members stand in a field, two holding large crosscut saws, and two with mattocks in their hands.]

Adult Conservation Crews

By serving with Montana Conservation Corps, you will develop as a person, a citizen, and as a leader while working outdoors in the wild and rugged landscapes of Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Idaho.  Enrolling in a term of service with MCC is a big commitment! Here's what you can expect while serving on an adult conservation crew:

[Image Description: Four MCC members standing next to one another, smiling. They are all speckled with dirt from a project they were on. They are outside.]

"Being on the MCC crew has done so much for my relationships with people. I’ve learned you can’t really judge people or put them in a box before you get to know them. I’ve also learned how to not only talk my mind but listen to others more. From this experience, I have made some amazing new friends with people who I never would have tried to be friends with. I’m so glad I did MCC or I never would have met my amazing crew members or leaders."

- MCC Crew Member