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[Image Description: Twelve MCC staff members, outside in a field, are all wearing masks and sitting at least six feet apart from one another.]

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As MCC moves into its third season managing our programs during a pandemic, it is important to articulate the norms that we expect our staff and AmeriCorps members to operate within as we attempt to keep our organization healthy and resilient. MCC takes the threat of COVID-19 seriously. We have developed COVID- 19 protocols to guide our programs while at work with MCC. We will need to stay sharp with our protocols and personal practices in order to not let the pandemic adversely impact our MCC community.

The best way for MCC staff and participants to ensure a safe working environment is to obtain a Covid-19 vaccination. For more information on vaccinations visit the Centers for Disease Control website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MCC COVID-19 Response Team at




MCC Updated Covid-19 Protocols for Participants and Staff

Based on the most recent guidance from the CDC, found here, MCC has issued this guidance:

- To improve protection from the COVID-19 variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, we recommend wearing a mask when indoors in public if the Community Level is High. This is a CDC recommendation for vaccinated people.

- If you aren't already, get vaccinated. The vaccine is free, safe, and highly effective at preventing COVID illness or mitigating the severity of symptoms.

- Minimize your exposure in crowded places or during large community events and wear a mask to reduce risks of transmission.

- Meet outdoors whenever possible, and if you must meet indoors, ensure effective ventilation.

- Stay home and get tested if you have symptoms.

-If you are living with an individual that tested positive for COVID-19, you should get tested and stay  home to prevent transmission to coworkers.

- Continue to wash hands, distance when possible, and keep work surfaces clean.

COVID-19 data for Montana can be found here.  More detailed county specific information can be found by researching county health department websites:

●     Missoula County

●     Flathead County

●     Gallatin County

●     Lewis and Clark County