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Regional Offices

Central Divide

[Image Description: A panoramic view of the buttes and hills outside of the city of Helena. The sun is gently setting, coloring the sky with pastel hues of pink and yellow.]


The Central Divide regional office of the MCC serves the greatest geographic portion of Montana - from the craggy crest of the Rocky Mountain Front at the edge of the vast Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, to the far reaches of the windswept Northern Great Plains, even reaching into the badlands of North Dakota. Crews serving in this location get a taste of the wild openness of this iconic landscape, and engage in a mix of conservation projects as wide and diverse as the landscape.

Regional Staff

Public Lands in Our Area

A big draw to the area is the proximity to nearly every type of recreation that the state has to offer. Beyond the city’s own city parks are the variety of landscapes found in Helena National Forest. Boasting nearly one hundred thousand acres of ecosystem spanning from rugged mountain Wilderness to arid lowlands and sagebrush, in the national forest you may run into a grizzly on a Wilderness trail, watch a bald eagle scan a winding river for trout, or witness a herd of bighorn sheep scale a sheer mountain face. Just north of the city many residents go to the Great Divide Ski Area in the winter or flyfish in the blue-ribbon stretch of the Missouri River in the summer. If you can’t find the activity you’re looking for in Helena itself, you won’t have to go far.