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Central Divide

[Image Description: A panoramic view of the buttes and hills outside of the city of Helena. The sun is gently setting, coloring the sky with pastel hues of pink and yellow.]

Maizie Smith - Field Coordinator

Maizie Smith - Field Coordinator

I am the newest FC in the Central Divide office & I am excited to join this team of creative, hard-working, and thoughtful humans! A little about me: I was born in Helena, but did most of my growing up in central Pennsylvania in the Susquehanna River watershed among the walnut trees and limestone rocks. I have spent the last 10 years wandering and working in the woods, plains, and coasts of Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. You can also find me making bad pottery, snuggling with my dog, and spending time on the water. I am grateful for what the land, my students, and friends have taught me about connection and community throughout this time. I am excited to take all these special experiences with me on this new journey ahead.