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Welcome to the MCC Blog

[Image Description: Four MCC members wade across a river. In the background, there are hillsides covered in gold from the quaking aspens, and deep green pine trees.]

Welcome to the MCC Blog!


If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at our organization, you’ve come to the right place. This blog features our member's stories, straight from the field. Be sure to check back regularly to read the latest updates.


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The Latest Blog Articles:


Read Ally's article for Explore Big Sky about the power of community collaboration

Katie recounts all that she learned this season serving as a BSWC member with Western Montana Conservation Commission and the City of Kalispell.

Finn recaps their crew's last hitch lopping willows

Two beautiful hitches in the Bechler National Forest

Talk about working in the public!

Wherein Our Jungian Shadows Reveal Us in Relief

More than potatoes in Idaho

While working in a pharmaceutical laboratory, Sean Simpson found herself longing for a more fulfilling and hands-on experience related to environmental stewardship. Fast forward a few months and Sean is now an AmeriCorps member serving through MCC’s Big Sky Watershed Corps program - a program that places members with a host site for 11 months.

Sar muses on why they joined MCC.

Our third hitch of the summer season on Moose Ridge in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness that climber 3,000ft in three miles.

Max recounts their crew's very last hitch

An ode to afternoon snacks around the bear bag.

We barely minded crunching and lunching next to all those cow patties!

The Last Hitch of 2023

Max recounts their crew's recent hitch to make prairie fencing wildlife-friendly.

What is Nebraska like? The answer might surprise you.

Crew member Liberty reflects on the fall season in Wyoming.

Sunshine and Rainbows Are Over

Max recounts this crew's recent hitch in Winnett, MT.

Max recounts their recent hitch at Woods Creek.

Max recounts a recent hitch in Polaris to build a turnpike and work on some trail.

Crew Member Ali Kimball expresses how much the people around her made the little moments truly special this summer

Thoughts from a fall crew member at the mid-point of the season

An explanation of how my season has been...

Constructing Post Assisted Logjams (PALs) on an incised stretch of Mill Creek

Northern Rockies Forestry Crew 8’s persistent battle with their truck’s mice

Maya shares several haikus from throughout the season

The Gallatin River Clean-up is an annual event in partnership between the Gallatin River Task Force and the Gallatin Watershed Council to remove trash from the entire Gallatin Watershed, from Yellowstone National Park all the way to the Missouri Headwaters. Learn more about this impactful event.

Crew leader Emily recounts a few hitches working with the One Track Mind Foundation, reinforcing trails in Idaho.

Thanks to all of our hard work, those dams in the ~3 mile span of the creek we were working on should help to break up the energy of the water come spring melt, and expand the wetlands allowing for new growth.

MCC Fellow launches into water restoration project

Micah recounts the recent windy and rocky hitch in the Winds.

Wherein The Powell Bozos Accept Reality…

Going through the ups and downs of a backcountry burn zone hitch.

Trail Work on Pebble Creek Legacy Trail

MCC Forestry Crew 8 takes on trail work, again…

With the summer season over for some crews, leaders from different departments within MCC expand their own knowledge and help supplement that of the forestry crews.

Happiness brought to the crew by member Hayden

Max recounts hitch 5 and 6 with his Central Divide crew.

Teens come together to form a cohesive team and see new perspectives

Max describes a rocky start, but a memorable finish with MCC.

As the summer season comes to an end, so does Field Crew 5’s time in the St. Joe’s Ranger District and the Idaho Panhandle (for the time being.)

Margaret recounts an eventful morning when the crew's truck broke down.

A poem describing a muddy hitch in Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

A song for our 100th stream restoration structure

Hilarity ensues from having 6 youth in the field

Henry recounts a fun time on hitch making pancakes!

The yellow crew learns to grid in the desert!

The "Lost Marbles" WRT crew ascends "Knapweed Mountain" with MCC Alumni

Benjamin describes the sights seen and lessons learned this summer while leading a YCC crew in Kootenai National Forest.