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Western Wildlands

[Image Description: The Clark Fork river, surrounded by bright green shrubs, bushes, and trees. Clouds cover the sky and hide the tops of the mountains in the distance.]

Our Past Projects

MCC’s Western Wildlands Region specializes in backcountry trail projects throughout Western Montana and North-Central Idaho. Members can elect to serve on a crew that spends their entire term in a wilderness area or work on a crew that is based in Missoula on a nine-day project. Both experiences have much to offer. Spending a field season in the third largest wilderness area in the lower 48 provides crews the ultimate backcountry experience. In the Selway-Bitterroot, you’ll find solitude and pristine landscapes, while developing camaraderie with your crew that only a wilderness experience can provide. All Western Wildlands crews work closely with US Forest Service technical advisors, and many go on to work with the agency’s trail crews after their MCC experience.