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Northern Rockies/ Northern Youth Branch

[Image Description: An expansive view from Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park. Bright, lush green trees and shrubs consume the foreground. Behind the trees, Bird Woman Basin is dusted with snow and Bird Woman Falls is flowing down into the val

Clint Kingery - Field Coordinator

Clint Kingery - Field Coordinator

Clint was born in Colorado, but his first memories are of his hometown Helena, MT. He spent much of his young adulthood in Bozeman, MT on the hunt for a gratifying professional pathway via plenty of time spent in college classrooms and a wide assortment of jobs ranging from pizza delivery, to lifeguarding, to a role at a country club. During his time in Bozeman, he found his joy on the weekends exploring the diverse public lands of the region. He grew into a number of pursuits that he follows to this day including photography, reading/writing, spending time immersed in nature, and traditional tools/skills. Late one night, he realized that MCC offered opportunities to get paid for hiking and took a position as a crew member out of the Central Divide regional office in Helena. Clint unexpectedly found that public lands stewardship combined with facilitating young adult personal and professional development was what he had spent so many years looking for. Following a passion for Wilderness discovered during time spent clearing trail in the Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho, he transitioned into a crew leader role out of the Western Wildlands office in Missoula. He was lucky enough to spend that season immersed in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness out of Moose Creek Ranger Station. This first season in a leadership role fully realized and cemented his passion for Wilderness in addition to a deep appreciation for the wide variety of opportunities offered to young adults through MCC. He spent the next several years honing his professional, technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills while working as a Staff Crew Leader for MCC again out of Moose Creek Ranger Station, on a trail crew with the Forest Service out of Townsend, MT, and finally as a Lead Wilderness Steward in the Powell and Moose Creek districts of the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness for the Selway-Bitterroot Frank-Church Foundation. Clint is excited to return again to MCC. He looks forward to providing pathways and development opportunities like those afforded to him now that he is in the role of Field and Raven Facility Coordinator out the Northern Rockies region. Clint is ecstatic that he will have the opportunity to spread his passion for public lands stewardship to the next generation of its caretakers while still getting paid to romp around in the hills (and hopefully a few new Wildernesses).