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Northern Rockies/ Northern Youth Branch

[Image Description: An expansive view from Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park. Bright, lush green trees and shrubs consume the foreground. Behind the trees, Bird Woman Basin is dusted with snow and Bird Woman Falls is flowing down into the val

Ashley Mazzullo | Director of Youth Programs

Ashley Mazzullo | Director of Youth Programs

Originally from Illinois, Ashley was always drawn to the West and first found her way to Montana by way of the Montana Conservation Corps in 2012. Ashley’s time with MCC shaped her early career trajectory which led her to various outdoor youth development organizations. Eventually, the Flathead Valley called her back in 2015 to continue her work with teens in a residential setting where she had the opportunity to plan and lead a variety of outdoor programming. Bringing over a decade of experience working with kids of all ages, Ashley was excited to once again join the team to provide positive and inspiring experiences for local youth and share her passion for the Montana Conservation Corps mission. In her free time, you’ll find her backpacking, camping, and xc-skiing across northwest Montana with her partner Sonny and their adorable pup, Milo.