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Greater Yellowstone/ Southern Youth Branch

[Image Description: An expansive view of the snow capped peaks with rolling, green hills and fields of bright yellow flowers in the foreground.]

Kate Gilbert - Program Manager

Kate Gilbert - Program Manager

Kate was born outside the city of Atlanta, Georgia where she grew up crossing crimson creeks that sparked a sense of curiosity within her. This curiosity led her to follow a daring path to understanding what it means to be a part of our Earth. In this pursuit of purpose, she studied Outdoor Education, Journalism, and Natural Resources and Tourism at the University of Georgia, where her curiosity ultimately became absent. Travelling soon became a muse for finding herself again, and while her parents were based in Bonn, Germany, Kate spent months at a time visiting and working in places such as Ireland, Scotland, and Italy, only to learn she could not find purpose without hardwork. On a whim, she drove across the country and took on a trail dog lifestyle in Oregon, followed by a season as a Crew Leader with the MCC in Bozeman, MT. Opportunity bellowed, and a new purpose was discovered with Northwest Outward Bound where she arrived as a student and left a leader. Between seasons, she resided in New Zealand living out of Sturdy Stan Van and teaching outdoor skills at the Kaitoke Outdoor Education Centre. Outdoor Education is a platform that gives a new perspective of what it means to be connected as a community towards something that matters. MCC held a lasting indent of purpose and curiosity that is now a place she can call home.