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Greater Yellowstone/ Southern Youth Branch

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Housing & Transportation

Finding a place to live during your term of service can seem overwhelming. More often than not, you’re looking for a place without being physically able to view it yourself. Our staff is here to support you, but we ask that first you thoroughly research the property and who manages it. Another recommendation is to decide what you need in a living situation. Leaders and members will often cram into housing disregarding their needs of personal space. Living together can solidify relationships with other members, or it may cause an undesired rift. That being said, talk to people you’re thinking about rooming with. You should be able to decide fairly quickly if it will work for you. Please note our office is located at 2310 N. 7th Ave, Unit D, Bozeman, MT 59715.


What is your housing need? Some positions will spend extended periods of time in the field, while others are focused more in town, and both scenarios can be true for the same position at different times of the season. Please talk to your hiring manager to determine how often you will need to acquire your own housing.

What are your housing preferences? You could rent an apartment or house with fellow MCCers, rent a room from a community member, camp, or a combination of these options. Camping during warmer months is an option but we do not recommend camping from February – March, and October.

What is your budget? Generally splitting a rental with fellow members is less expensive than renting a room from someone in the community, however, you normally have to pay a deposit and utilities. Generally renting a room from someone in the community has utilities included.

What is your transportation? Boots, bike, or 4 wheels? Your sphere of possibilities expands if you have a bike, and even more so if you have a car. There isn’t any camping within walking distance.

Resources to Help You Find Housing

Local Newspaper
Income-based Housing

Property Management Companies:

Minnick Management
Intermountain Property Management
Alliance Property Management
Peak Property Management
Management Associates Inc
Property Partners Managers
Luna Properties


Streamline Bus System: Provides service throughout the Bozeman area to fulfill everyone’s transportation needs and because of support from several sources, the public bus system is provided free of charge.