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[Image Description: An expansive view of the snow capped peaks with rolling, green hills and fields of bright yellow flowers in the foreground.]

Olivia Hall | Field Coordinator

Olivia Hall | Field Coordinator

Hello, my name is Olivia Hall! My passion and advocacy for environmental science and resource conservation trace back to the roots of my upbringing on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, MT. Graduating with distinction from Blackfeet Community College with degrees in Environmental Science and Hydrology, my unwavering commitment to the environment was nurtured by my formative years spent exploring the natural wonders of our ancestral homeland on and around our reservation. 

Having honed my skills as a previous crew leader for the Piikuni Lands Conservation Crew under MCC, I have actively engaged in wildlife surveying, trail maintenance, and invasive species monitoring on and near the Blackfeet Reservation. This hands-on experience not only reinforced my passion for environmentalism but also solidified my career path in environmental science.

Currently pursuing a degree in environmental science and resource conservation at the University of Montana, I continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and expertise in the field. Transitioning to the role of Piikuni Lands Crew Field Coordinator with the Montana Conservation Corps, I will embark on a new chapter in my journey as an environmental steward, furthering our mission to protect and preserve the natural world and our traditional homelands for future generations.