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[Image Description: An expansive view of the snow capped peaks with rolling, green hills and fields of bright yellow flowers in the foreground.]

Anna Verhaeghe | Youth Program Field Coordinator

 Anna Verhaeghe | Youth Program Field Coordinator

Anna grew up skiing and hiking in North Idaho before making her way to Montana State University to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering. While in Bozeman, she fell in love with the mountains of Montana. During school, Anna became a ski instructor and camp counselor where they found a passion for sharing the great outdoors with others. After a few years in the corporate world, they decided to follow their passions which led them to join the MCC team.

In her spare time, Anna loves to ski, backpack, climb and all outdoors activities in between. When not outside, Anna enjoys cooking, sewing, TTRPGs, and hanging with her cat Beans on Toast.