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We Came, We Sawed, We Conquered

A crew stands holding their tools in a field under a blue sky.

The end of this hitch marks a turning point in our season as forestry crew members. High up in the mountains in West Yellowstone, with the blistering heat on our necks and pollen choking us out, our crew finally obtained our felling and bucking certifications this past Friday. With the generous help of our fearless leaders, KR and Mallard, we were able to become proper sawyers taking down 50+ ft. snags, limbing, brushing, and bucking our way through the hillside.

The joy of finally getting to saw carried us through some of the most arduous workdays we've encountered. Steep hills, thick brush, unrelenting mosquitoes, and tired bodies were some of the challenges that mired our days. We worked hard and made amazing amounts of progress. Even with these long days, we still found time to embark on excursions after work in order to recharge for the next. We swam in the Hebgen Lake, brought ice cream to camp, and splurged on pizza for dinner one afternoon. We were also able to set up a few campfires, where sounds of laughter echoed throughout the night and smiles matched the brightness of the fire.

As much as we worked, we also took the time to celebrate our achievements as a crew. We are very grateful to KR and Mallard for being an incredible support system, and guiding us through our certifications and training. We are looking forward to what our future hitches bring and are excited to make more memories as we continue on.