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[Image description: Five MCC Members standing in front of a USDA Forest Service cabin, smiling whilst wearing their backpacks.]



Montana Conservation Corps is adventure with purpose!  At MCC, we focus on the growth of our members, transferable job skills, and making a positive impact on the climate and environment. Participants work on physically demanding conservation projects across the Northern Rockies and Plains.  Project work includes, but is not limited to, trail maintenance and construction, watershed restoration, planting, backcountry work, forest fuels reduction, native planting and more! Participants walk away with valuable hands-on technical skills and applicable job skills like communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills that will help them achieve success in a wide variety of careers.  A term of service with MCC allows members to experience the full measure of their character and discover their capacity to lead change in their communities and, just as importantly, in their own lives.


Come join MCC in one of our many opportunities to have an adventure with purpose!  

MCC is committed to being diverse, welcoming, and inclusive. We are working to reduce barriers to participating in our programs. We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.


Young Adult Crews (17+ yrs old):  Serving with Montana Conservation Corps will develop you as a person, a citizen, and as a leader while working outdoors in the wild and rugged landscapes of Montana and the Northern Rockies. For 30 years, we have brought young people together to work on meaningful conservation projects while developing leadership, communication, teamwork and job skills.  Wherever your passion lies, MCC has a placement for you and will give you the training and skills you need to pursue your conservation career.  Through your term of service you will gain hands on technical skills, confidence, and a tangible experience of affecting change. In turn, you will perform substantial service that provides lasting benefit for public lands and communities.  Our Young Adult Crews are perfect for participants looking for a team based/community experience.  

Our member positions are entry level; no previous trails, outdoor, or corps experience is required!

Our Individual Placement Programs (18+ yrs old) include the Big Sky Watershed Corps and the Conservation Intern/Fellow programs.  As an AmeriCorps member serving in our programs, you will contribute to lasting conservation efforts in Montana and the surrounding states. As an Intern, Fellow, or Big Sky Watershed Corps Member, you will be placed with a federal or state agency, conservation nonprofit, tribal office, or a community-based conservation organization to work toward their conservation goals.  You will also be mentored by conservation professionals with a focus on applicable jobs skills and career development. MCC staff will meet with you biweekly to provide guidance and advice.  You will also participate in additional MCC-facilitated training opportunities to maximize your experience.  These positions are perfect for participants looking for a more individualized experience.

Youth Programs:  Our High School Expedition and Youth Conservation Corps crews are service experiences for Montana teens ages 14 to 18. Youth Members spend their time outdoors, camping, learning, exploring and serving on priority conservation projects to improve wildlife habitat and recreation resources like trails and campgrounds on our beloved public lands.  Youth programs are NO COST, for Montana residents only, and provide teens with 72+ volunteer hours, technical skills, leadership and communication competencies, and new relationships with teens from across Montana.  Expedition crews work, serve, and learn in some of Montana’s wildest places!  

Indigenous Crews: The Piikuni Lands Corps is a program for indigenous youth and young adults. Crew members work on ancestral lands to develop skills and learn about cultural values. Joining the Piikuni Lands Crew gives you the opportunity to work alongside others from the Blackfeet Nation who share your interest in making a lifelong impact on the community and nearby ancestral lands. Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable job skills including trail maintenance, wildlife surveying, fencing, facilities maintenance, and much more. In addition to technical skills, you stand to gain experience in teamwork, effective communication, and leadership. 

Staff Positions: MCC is the place where we laugh, work hard, and are proud of our mission.  At MCC, you’ll find unique and fun coworkers, a comfortable work environment, the ability to dress casually and get dirty, and one heck of a holiday celebration. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity!