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The Very Hungry Mouse

Crew members sit in the back of a 4x4.

The mouse got our food
That's right, the mouse got our food
I'd rather not think of that mouse as rude
Just simply doing what a mouse would do

Easy to be upset, in fact, we were mad
But our Oreos were safe, and for that, we were glad
But it ate our bagels, our tortillas and falafels
We tried to remove it, but it was nearly impossible

We set up camp, and we set up a trap
Oh we'd like to see the mouse try to eat that
But the peanut butter we had once placed there
Was gone by the morning with no mouse ensnared!

Then we worked, moving rocks, digging dirt
But the lasting impact of that mouse truly hurt
Our pain was relieved with taste of oreo
Oh the horror! We felt when the mouse ate those

The mouse ate our food, but that wasn't enough
It would munch on anything, no matter how tough
We thought it would stop eating, but it in fact did not
If you give a mouse a cookie, it asks for quite a lot.

We were faced with defeat and felt quite unlucky
But the mouse would not win, for we received some more money
We went into town, grabbed more bagels and tortillas
But the mouse ate some spaghetti, oh momma mia

But alas, it seemed, the mouse's havoc had been wrecked
The only thing left was to pray for the best
The rest of the hitch went with on with smooth sailing
Without the worry of the mouse ever prevailing

We thought we had won, for the mouse had not struck
We were victorious, due either to skill or luck
But when I woke the last morning, the mouse gotten better
For to my surprise, he had eaten a pepper!

We had left in defeat, but our spirits were high
It almost pained me to say goodbye
The mouse had won, and was plump with our food
And he scared us away after winning the feud.