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Hitch #8

A scene of snow on the ground within an area with burned trees.

The 8th hitch was definitely the most challenging one yet. It was our first time being backcountry for most members. We were lucky to get support from pack mules, which was very nice. We are very appreciative of the Last Chance Backcountry Horsemen for getting our gear to the campsite all in one piece. The hike in wasn’t too bad, lots of uphill and downhill but there was beauty all around us. We spotted a few grouse and wortleberry bushes. We were doing bridge construction this hitch which was a new concept for most. Much different from regular trail construction. Bridge progress moves slower than you would assume. The weather was unrelenting and the worksite flooded multiple times. Everyone had a fulfilling time learning new carpentry skills. The burn area that we worked in was much different than locations for other hitches, no shade during the day and passing thunderstorms made it very unique. The hike down was a challenge considering we packed ourselves out but it was nice to be self-sufficient.