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[Image Description: Four MCC members wade across a river. In the background, there are hillsides covered in gold from the quaking aspens, and deep green pine trees.]

The Ascent

A happy crew stands on a mountain summit. There are wildflowers and grass in the foreground and a blue sky in the background.

Crew 4 aka The Goblins are going to be a fixture at Spotted Bear Ranger District this summer. We've been tasked with a very special project and opportunity to redig the entire Green Mountain Trail leading up to the summit. Today marks the end of our second nine-day stint of six total hitches, but only this week did we really begin the main contiguous trail project. That leaves us four more trips over the next two months to complete the remainder of the assignment (1 mile+ of tread).

This week we made it to 1500 ft of tread dug, but with the previous trail virtually nonexistent amid a rolling mountain meadow, it makes for some tough sledding. This type of digging is requiring everyone to learn a lot on the fly, and the crew is thriving in the challenge. We concluded the week with a trip to the summit of our mountain to get a feel for the rest of the project. The takeaway is that this will be a bear. There is some apprehension about the sheer amount of digging versus a relatively short 36 remaining work days, but it's mostly a motivator to get the thing done and make it to the top of this amazing summit by the end of September. We are getting more enmeshed in the Spotted Bear community each hitch, and if we keep busting out the work, eventually we won't be the weird cousins coming to town every week.