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[Image Description: Four MCC members wade across a river. In the background, there are hillsides covered in gold from the quaking aspens, and deep green pine trees.]

Last Chance Campground's Honorary Campground Hosts

Three people are smiling towards the camera in a dirt clearing. Trees line the clearing in the background.

We’re going onto our fourth week at Last Chance Campground, as we await our glorious Burgdorf basecamp to open. Our crew has grown to be great with adapting to last minute plans with this past hitch. We’ve spent hours lopping, or what we now refer to as whopping, as we clear out trails in Idaho’s Payette National Forest. We’ve sawed dozens and dozens of fallen trees out of trails, created drainage systems, ate lunch in the rain for a few too many days in a row, and even found time to play shut the box and mini connect four back at camp. Our long daily drives to that day's worksites were filled with potholes, good conversation, new music, potholes, and potholes; so many potholes! Even though our brains are scrambled from all of the jumps and bumps of Idaho’s great roads, we’re enjoying the conversations with hikers who expand their gratitude for clear trails, all the hiking, and each other’s company. I’d say the first hitch was a success, and despite all the rain, we did complete our first full nine day hitch!