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[Image Description: Four MCC members wade across a river. In the background, there are hillsides covered in gold from the quaking aspens, and deep green pine trees.]

Slips, Trips, and Falls

A crew is crouched, smiling towards the camera, in front of a beautiful mountain vista.

For the last 8 days, Northern Rockies Field Crew 8 has been rebuilding boundary fences in Glacier National Park. Our crew of 6 worked tirelessly through the rain, cold, and mud, and finished lots of the Eastern boundary line. We laughed through the hard times, and sought to bring each other up, because if one member isn't feeling it then no one is. There were some trying times with chest deep water around fences, members getting lost, and of course slips, trips, and falls into both mud and barbed wire, but as a crew, we all agree it only added to the experience. This hitch would NOT have been the same without it. Altogether a bonding moment for this crew!