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[Image Description: Four MCC members wade across a river. In the background, there are hillsides covered in gold from the quaking aspens, and deep green pine trees.]

The Silver Crew Tackles Noxious Weeds with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Two people wearing weed spraying backpacks stand in front of a pond and green grass surrounds them.

Throughout the span of two weeks, the Silver Wilderness Restoration Crew under the guidance of Zack Nelson and Mike Ellig sprayed an array of noxious weeds. Spending a majority of our time on thistle and hound's tongue, we covered over five hundred acres of the Rocking 406 Ranch. The ranch is strictly for conservation and is owned by the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. The removal of weeds and restoration of these lands allow for over one hundred species of birds and wild game to reside there. On rainy days we built fences around juvenile trees and planted native species. 

To end our days at the Rocking 406 Ranch, we strengthened our identification skills, learned how to properly handle a new mixture of herbicides, and were taught how to build fences during harsh rainstorms. Under the guidance of Mike Ellig, a board member of the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, we learned the ins and outs of fungi and bird species identification. Mike's dedication to conservation inspired us to continue our efforts of wilderness restoration, and we are looking forward to working with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust in the future. We take on the knowledge we learned from Mike with us as we travel to Little Big Horn National Battlefield to spray more noxious weeds!