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Adi Thorp | Southern Branch Youth Program Coordinator

Adi Thorp | Southern Branch Youth Program Coordinator

Growing up in colorful Colorado, Adi spent a lot of her childhood exploring the Rocky Mountains. From hiking and playing in streams to collecting wildflowers and observing wildlife, she fostered a passion and curiosity for the natural world. This led her to study Environmental Science and Sustainability and Climate Change Studies at the University of Montana. Adi has had multiple experiences that have challenged her and allowed her to grow as a land steward. Such as revising UM’s Climate Action Plan, teaching students about energy conflicts in the U.S, participating in the Landscape and Livelihood Program at Swan Valley Connections, and conducting research on intertidal clams affected by climate change in Vigo, Spain.

One of the most influential experiences Adi had in the outdoors was during her time with the Rocky Mountain Conservancy where she served as a trail crew leader in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is what brought her to MCC as the Southern Youth Program Coordinator where she hopes to give youth the opportunity to cultivate their relationship to the natural world through conservation work that has a lasting impact. When not in the office, you can find Adi hiking, running, baking little treats, skiing, reading, and jumping in alpine lakes.

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