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High School

Youth Crews


Want to make new friends, learn new skills, explore Montana’s wildest places, challenge yourself, and have an awesome summer?  MCC’s Youth Expedition program is for you. 

High School Expedition is a 4-week volunteer service experience for Montana teens ages 14 to 17. Expedition Members will spend the majority of their time outdoors, camping, working, and exploring.  Project work includes: fencing, trail work, wildlife surveys, invasive weed removal, planting native plants, historic preservation, campground maintenance and more!

Throughout the program, participants are exposed to challenging physical work as well as the rigors of camp life. The weekends give crews a chance to explore, recreate, and relax.

Qualified individuals with disabilities and those from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. We provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals.

"I think one thing I’ve learned about all the places collectively is that in order to conserve the things that are important to you, you must be willing to do the work yourself. I also learned about the history and significance of each place. I’ve always had an appreciation of these places, but now that I’ve lived and worked at them I feel as if they have become a part of who I am. MCC Expedition member