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Field Program

[Image Description: Two MCC members taking a brief break; one is sitting on a rock, the other is standing nearby. They are both in their uniforms, looking out at the expansive, mountain view surrounding them.]

Saw in Glacier

A scene of Lake McDonald

This week was our first hitch outside of training. Meeting our project partners went great. Aaron is a very amiable, and funny guy. Our work consisted of bucking lodge poles that previous fire crews had felled. It was a great place to introduce our crew members to saw work. Most have not touched a saw outside of training. It was great work, everything went smoothly, and everyone learned a ton. We were piling burn piles as we went.

Outside of work, camp life was fantastic, meals were great, and spirits were high. A few times we walked to the Apgar village to get Coca-Cola and ice cream. It was fun!