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Field Program

[Image Description: Two MCC members taking a brief break; one is sitting on a rock, the other is standing nearby. They are both in their uniforms, looking out at the expansive, mountain view surrounding them.]

Back Where We Began

A person takes a selfie down the line of their crew members. Everyone is smiling.

Back in May, when we had our first hitch and we were all just getting to know one another and the job, we went to Lost Creek State Park. For our last hitch, as we wrapped up an amazing season with each other, we got to go back there. It was such a privilege to close out our season there and remember who we were the first time we worked there and who we are today. On this last hitch, we got to work with the same awesome project partner and worked on building rock steps and a rock wall on the trail that we made back in May. We were incredibly fortunate with the beautiful fall weather as we spent hours moving boulders into just the right position. There were a few fumbles, like the perfect rock we spent an hour moving, rolling down a steep hill, but we managed to make the rock wall 60 feet long and built five steps. There was even one night on hitch where we got to go into town for a fun end-of-season dinner. It has been an amazing season with our crew and we couldn’t have ended it in a better way.