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Field Program

[Image Description: Two MCC members taking a brief break; one is sitting on a rock, the other is standing nearby. They are both in their uniforms, looking out at the expansive, mountain view surrounding them.]


Fun? In The Mud

A crew stands slightly uphill of the camera, clustered around the edges of a rocky trail. There are tarp covered logs bordering the rocky trail on both sides.

We have muddy boots. And socks. And pants. Everything is muddy. However, the mud did not deter us from putting in a hard week's work.

Within the Bridger-Teton National Forest, we were tasked with two different, muddy, projects. The first was to put in a turnpike (pictured) at a section of calf-deep muddy trail. Learning how water flows and can be rerouted was an integral part of this project.

Our second project was to dig in drains, put in water bars, and clear trail in an area prone to groundwater seepage. There the challenge came not only from the ground but from the sky; as it rained and snowed on us multiple days in a row. Even though working in mud and rain isn't a pleasant experience, we were able to recognize the power water has over shaping the landscape and our moods.

Now that we are dry, we can reflect on the benefits of many hard days work and are looking forward to the next challenge.