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Field Program


Ink Wells #2 In Shoshone

A crew hikes across a meadow

Back on the Ink Wells Cutoff trail, our team (minus Hope and plus FC Dillon) worked hard to build cairns through the meadow. It rained most days, and the cold and muddy weather made it more challenging to carry the boulders and rocks all the way across the meadow. After successfully completing six cairns, we moved up the trail to work on clearing rocks and making another reroute past a beautiful waterfall! We hiked all the way up, almost to Scenic Pass (2k elevation in 2 miles) to install two new signs with cairns for the Ink Wells Lake trail and the cutoff. Our last day was spent cutting willows out to make the meadow trail more visible and then crossing the river to install another sign with a cairn for the cutoff trail. After making dinner, the packers arrived, and we decided to head out three miles on a night hike to Star Lake to make the hike-out easier. After setting up tents and the bear hang under the moonlight, we slept a short while until we awoke and hiked up to Burro Flats, up Arrow Pass, and down the mountain 11 miles back to our rig. After a wonderful lunch of pizza and sandwiches, we met the packers, organized our things, and headed back to Bozeman. It was an honor to work on the Ink Wells trail and be apart of a project in one of the most beautiful places in the country!