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Field Program


Snow Snow Go Away

Green rolling hills, dotted with red fall colors and a partly cloudy sky

Over the course of the past eight days our crew had the pleasure of enjoying Montana's fluctuating fall weather systems. For the second part of our hitch we were working on clearing a trail that had not been maintained or logged in over ten years. An audacious task in its own right, we were then taken by storm (ha) by an entire day of rain. Going to bed that night was a damp affair. Tents had been blown across the mountain and many were leaking slightly. With the wind howling we fell asleep hoping tomorrow would bring change. Awaking to snow covered tents and mountains was not exactly the change we had in mind. It wouldn't be until the following evening that we were able to maintain a campfire and dry out our soggy socks, shirts, and other various items. Although this may have been one of our colder and wetter hitches, we were still awarded with stunning views and will not soon be forgetting the past week snow, cold and all.