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Field Program


Home is where you make it

Crew members sit near a fire and walk around their camp, surrounded by vehicles they are living in.

Home. What a unique word. It means something else to every single person. To some it may be their lovely home with 4 beds 2 baths, it may be a one-bedroom apartment, a town, or maybe a person. For a lot of us at MCC, it’s our vehicle. That may seem odd to some. But for me, this is the life I’ve always wanted. I live in my 2006 Honda Pilot. It’s my dream car, I love good ole "Roxane". When I bought her, I tore out the seats and built drawers and a frame. Believe it or not I have enough room for all my toys. Rock climbing gear, slack line, mountain bike equipment, backpacking and hiking gear, and my guitar and ukulele. It’s not the easiest life at times. Constantly looking for a free camping spot, buying the least perishable food, and being alone for majority of the time. It can be really hard sometimes and even exhausting. Living in a car has also been easier in ways. I have just about everything I own with me at all times. I can go on climbing trips and have a kitchen, bed, and everything that I could possibly need with me. So home to me is my trusty 4-wheel drive adventure mobile, Roxane. Home can be anywhere or anything.