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Field Program


Hitch #5 Journal - Immersion

A forest scene from a hillside

I wake before the crack of dawn

To pack my bag—stale work pants on.

Takedown my tent and head to the kitchen

Call to my friends; they’ll soon have risen.


Oats today and oats tomorrow 

Dreams of bacon give me sorrow

Once my bowl is squeaky clean

It is time I go to the latrine


Split the group gear between us six

And tools we need to chop up sticks.

Some are big and some are small

But George, he likes to throw them all


Float, cut, wedge until it drops, and

Hope the bind does not your momentum stop

And, once the house is half past three

Hang our crosscuts in a tree. 


Find a new place for the kitchen

When dinner’s ready, no one’s complainin’

With bellies full and gratitude spoken

Time to lay down until we’re woken


By the sun again above the trees, 

Knowing night’s too short to rest our knees, 

Takedown the tent, head to the kitchen

Wake up my friends, they’ll soon have risen.


-Gabe Siegal