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Field Program


Last Weeds of the Season

It was a bittersweet week for our crew out at Hebgen Lake, West Yellowstone. Our last week spraying invasive weeds for the season, we couldn't have asked for a better place or a better project partner to end with. We even interacted with locals who helped inform us on the location of large weed patches. It's always encouraging to meet locals who are caring for their local native fauna population and are out to assist us. Due to the high levels of recreational activity, in combination with having not been sprayed for a few years, there was an abundance of weeds. However, this experienced team of weed hunters made a huge dent in the population of invasives. We even spent a few hours clipping and bagging a large patch of seeded Hounds tongue. All those burrs you find clinging to your clothing? Well, you won't find them coming from this area after we clipped twelve 55 gallon bags of seed heads. And with that it's back to the beaver dams for this crew!