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Field Program


Crew 9 Battles back Forest Encroachment

The Kootenai Forestry crew lends a helping hand on the Gateway Project in the Eureka Ranger District. Located just .2 miles from the Canadian Border lies a piece of federal land that has been designated as a Special Bontanical Area by the forest service. These 2,147 Acres are being managed to increase wildlife habitat and promote the growth of native grass species.

Crew 9 based out of the Northern Rockies district was tasked with thinning ponderosa stands to stimulate native grasses and improve elk habitat. Armed with 5 chainsaws, the crew went about slash cutting small-diameter ponderosa trees, pushing back the encroachment of dense forests. The crew essentially acted as a natural wildfire, taking out small and weaker trees leaving more sunlight for the bigger healthier trees. The debris will be collected and stacked by YCC crews to be burned in the fall.