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Reasons to Give

[Image Description: One MCC member stands in front of a turquoise lake, with a peak in the background, covered in a dusting of snow. The member is standing on the edge of the lake in their uniform, holding their hard hat.]

Inspiring young people through hands-on conservation service to be leaders, stewards of the land, and engaged citizens who improve their communities.

We believe that now more than ever, the engagement of young people is vital to caring for our lands and communities.  By weaving together leadership development, teamwork, civic engagement, and work-skills training with direct service to our environment and our communities, MCC helps young people develop competencies for achieving success. Through this service, our participants experience the full measure of their character and discover their capacity to lead change in their communities and, even more importantly, in their own lives.

Since our founding in 1991, MCC has enrolled over 4,500 young adults and 2,000 school-aged youth in our Corps programs. Their combined service hours come to over 4.5 million hours resulting in 20,000 miles of trails improved, over a million trees planted, and tens of thousands of homes winterized for energy efficiency! 

Your donation is an investment in young people that reinforces leadership and teamwork, teaches outdoor skills, and fosters strong ethics for public service and hard work for quality results.  Also, it gets things done to improve our national parks and forests, community trails, wildlife habitat, and more. Thank you! Montana Conservation Corps is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

What Your Dollars Can Do

$50 puts a pulaski in the hands of a corps member
$500 feeds a 6-person crew for a 10-day hitch in the backcountry
$1,000 funds a scholarship for a teen on a month-long Youth Service Expedition


Mail a check: Montana Conservation Corps, 301 N. Willson Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59715

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