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[Image Description: The sun peeks over a mountain range in the distance. In the forefront, pine trees, bushes and undergrowth are illuminated by the light.]

Mark Slovich Northern Rockies, 2010

Mark Slovich Northern Rockies, 2010

From Pennsylvania, Mark found his greatest joys working on backcountry trails and magical mountains during his service in the Montana Conservation Corps. His 2010 immersion crew experience in the Bob Marshall Wilderness changed him as he wrote “more than could be imagined.” Mark returned to work with the Forest Service.

Offering his unique gifts and outdoor skills to his fellow crew members, Mark treasured each new friend and the wonderful times that they shared. He found great satisfaction in contributing to the rich tradition of dedicated corps members who opened the way for all who would follow. Marveling at his opportunity, Mark enthusiastically gave of himself in the work of stewardship, and his spirit soared in answer to fulfilling his deepest desires.