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[Image Description: The sun peeks over a mountain range in the distance. In the forefront, pine trees, bushes and undergrowth are illuminated by the light.]

Donna Youker Greater Yellowstone, 2008-2009

Donna Youker Greater Yellowstone, 2008-2009

Donna served as an MCC Crew Leader in 2008 and 2009, working out of the Bozeman regional office. Her understated humor, gentle support for younger corps members, and prolific skills with a chainsaw or pulaski made her a potent mentor. Having a deep love for Yellowstone National Park, Donna later worked as a member of the Yellowstone Backcountry Trails Crew before landing her dream job - serving as a Law Enforcement Officer in Yellowstone National Park. Donna died in February of 2020 at her home in Yellowstone.