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Youth Program

[Image Description: A MCC member stands on an overlook, looking out at the mountainous landscape. They are wearing their uniform and holding a seed dispersal tool.]

Fun in the Field!

The MCC Youth hitch season is in full swing as we head into mid-summer. The first hitch just returned from a fun-filled trip of trail work. One of these returning crews is known as Kangascotch and the Butterroos.

Before saying goodbye, the crew reflected on a few of the funniest moments they shared while on the trail. Read their responses below:

"Hazards and impalement opportunities! This was both a funny and helpful joke. It helps me remember that hazards are limited by cutting low to the ground (when lopping), wearing PPE, and keeping an eye out for other crew members. Thinking of Olof’s impalement from the movie Frozen and a panicked pinecone was also helpful in remembering these safety precautions while having a good time (Both inside jokes)!" -Claire

"BAM (Banana appreciation moment)! Our bananas were rotting so we decided to have a fondue night. We made chocolate peanut butter fondue on our camp stove and got to work. To make eating a ridiculous amount of bananas fun, we went around in a circle each saying a reason we appreciate bananas and held our slices in the air while enthusiastically saying BAM before having a bite. The answers were hilariously ridiculous and the night was filled with equal part bananas and laughter!" -Nicole

"Playing cards after a long day, we didn’t realize we were mentally exhausted until Claire and I played several successive rounds of incorrect cards. Each of us thought we were going to win, not realizing we weren’t even close to playing by the rules." - Kyle

“Can I eat the fruit-shaped hazards?” - Bram
During a fun trust activity, Bram was blindfolded and warned of many overhead and underfoot hazards. He soon discovered the object he was instructed to pick up was a bowl of fruit loops. He took this opportunity to request to munch on the fruit-shaped hazards and it became an inside joke for the rest of the trip.