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[Image Description: Four MCC members, smiling at the camera, are working together to roll a massive log that they just cut off the trail. They are all wearing their MCC uniforms and hard hats, surrounded by a dense forest.]

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Teens, age 14 to 17, thrive in our two to eight week summer Expedition and Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) programs.  Groups of six youth led by two MCC crew leaders live, learn, and work outside on age-appropriate projects, including fencing, trail maintenance, wildlife surveying, invasive weeds removal, historic preservation, campground maintenance, and more.  Most Expedition youth crews camp in the outdoors throughout their crew weeks. YCC programs, in collaboration with the Forest Service and National Park Service, are often the first meaningful job for youth from rural communities. Our People, Power, Place, and Pathways curriculum facilitates near-daily learning and reflection.

"I found love for nature and a good way to turn pain into positivity."  Youth Participant

"My daughter served with MCC.  It was an incredible experience, one that she will remember forever.  I think she learned a lot about herself, about working with others, and found out she could do things that were really hard, all while making a contribution to improve the world in which we live."  Parent of Youth