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[Image Description: Four MCC members, smiling at the camera, are working together to roll a massive log that they just cut off the trail. They are all wearing their MCC uniforms and hard hats, surrounded by a dense forest.]

Young Adult Programs

Young Adult Programs

Field crews are composed of young adult AmeriCorps members who serve various length terms of service completing challenging and meaningful restoration and other conservation projects on our public lands, including habitat restoration, wildland fire mitigation, trail maintenance, and more. The service work is complemented by weekly curriculum and reflection activities. Crew members receive a living allowance and an AmeriCorps-funded educational stipend for after their term of service ends.

"It made me more confident, it was the hardest and yet the best job I have ever had.  It showed me the power of hard work and community.  It has helped me take on new challenges with out the fear I once had of failing. It made me take on a stronger role in my community and seek a career in environmental education.  My passion is talking to people and educating them about conservation work!  I believe everyone should do trail work with Montana Conservation Corps because it has given me so many skills and life lessons."  Crew Member