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What We Do

[Image Description: Four MCC members, smiling at the camera, are working together to roll a massive log that they just cut off the trail. They are all wearing their MCC uniforms and hard hats, surrounded by a dense forest.]

Tribal Programs

Tribal Programs

MCC offers specialized programs for Native young adults and youth.  The Piikuni Lands Corps (Blackfeet) engage in diverse conservation service activities on ancestral lands while gaining valuable leadership skills.  Adult crews learn useful technical skills that can lead to conservation employment opportunities. Youth learn from public land agency professionals and tribal members about land conservation, wildfire and recreation management, and archaeology.  Conservation service projects give indigenous youth the opportunity to explore and improve culturally significant ancestral lands - including on their own reservation lands.

"MCC opened up a whole new world for me and ignited a passion to protect what we have, reduce our impact and advocate for our public lands."  Crew Member