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[Image Description: Four MCC members, smiling at the camera, are working together to roll a massive log that they just cut off the trail. They are all wearing their MCC uniforms and hard hats, surrounded by a dense forest.]

Individual Placement programs

Individual Placement programs

MCC's two Individual Placement Programs are designed for college students and recent college graduates to gain professional experience in conservation.

Big Sky Watershed Corps

BSWC members grow as conservation professionals by assisting watershed communities to make a measurable difference in the stewardship of our waters.  Over an 11-month term, participants focus on watershed research, planning, and project implementation, watershed education and outreach, and community engagement.  BSWC is offered in partnership with Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana and the Montana Watershed Coordination Council.

Conservation Interns and Fellows

The Conservation Internship and Fellowship programs provide 3-5 month opportunities for college students and recent graduates to gain professional experience engaged in field-based conservation learning and service.  Internships range from conducting river patrols to mapping caves to providing education and interpretation at visitor centers.  Conservation Interns and Fellows serve at federal, state, and nonprofit agencies across Montana and neighboring states.  Placements are focused to help develop the members professional skills while they provide expertise and valuable contributions to the host site.

"MCC developed a virtue of service, and a desire to serve other purposes than my own, to be informed of global and local activities and issues - from economics to land use practices and civil rights, and taught me to take action when others are hesitant, to lead the way."    Conservation Intern