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[Image Description: An expansive view of the snow capped peaks with rolling, green hills and fields of bright yellow flowers in the foreground.]

Jessica O'Sell | Communications Manager

Jessica O'Sell | Communications Manager

Jessica grew up camping, hiking, fishing, geocaching, and playing outside in her home state of Washington. She graduated with a double major in cellular biology and neuroscience. After beginning her career in lab research, she pivoted and joined MCC as a Field Crew Member based out of the Greater Yellowstone Region. After her summer under the stars, she joined MCC full-time as the Executive and Communications Coordinator before moving up to Communications Manager. 

Jessica is excited to fuse her prior professional experiences with her love of the outdoors to tell the MCC and members' stories in a compelling way. In her spare time, she can be found hiking, snowshoeing, looking at flowers, and learning to identify plants.

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