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Virginia McQueen Laney | Bozeman, MT

Virginia McQueen Laney | Bozeman, MT

Virginia McQueen Laney is a Nationally Certified Counselor and licensed psychotherapist. Virginia founded Off-Grid Therapy, which focuses on identity, attachment, and trauma recovery. She specializes in young adults, with particular emphasis on adopted individuals, from the perspective of an adoptee, and LGBTQIA2+. 

An avid outdoorswoman, Virginia also expands talk therapy into nature by offering trail walks and outdoor sessions. In addition to her mental health practice, Virginia advocates for adoption trauma awareness and adoptee rights.

Born in Dallas, Virginia fell in love with Montana as her mother and grandparents’ home state. In 2018, she brought those roots back to Bozeman with her partner and their three dogs. You can catch her reading, skiing, hiking, camping, and on other (mis)adventures outdoors. 

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