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[Image Description: Thirteen members of the Board of Directors standing together on an overlook, wearing their MCC jackets and vests. Behind them is a bright blue lake surrounded by trees.]

David Vap | Bozeman, MT

David Vap | Bozeman, MT

David attended Loyola Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Missoula before graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 1990. From there he was a Senior Consultant at the accounting firm Price Waterhouse. He went on to found and serve as President for Enabling Technologies, which began his rich career in the technology industry. He has served in executive roles at Artesia, Software AG, and RightNow Technologies/Oracle in Bozeman. Since 2016 when he co-founded Yellowstone Growth Partners, he has been partnering with innovative companies to accelerate growth. David brings with him his broad network of high-tech community contacts and extensive, varied expertise serving on several Boards of Directors. David admires that MCC provides an alternative to technology and social media, and he wants to further encourage youth development in an outdoors environment.

He is a proud father of a 15-year-old girl.

Member since 2021