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Greater Yellowstone

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Madison Burris - Field Coordinator

Madison Burris - Field Coordinator

Many people have seen Madison fix tools in the cache and it all started when he was little he loved to fix things and so he intentionally broke toys to fix them.  The first chainsaw he tried to fix was at 5 years old.  Needless to say it didn't have a carburetor and wasn't fixable. Beyond that he always wanted a 3 wheeler but couldn't afford it so he and a friend bought lawn mowers and figured out how to rebuild it and change the gear ratio to go much faster.  Fast enough he started racing and winning! He pocketed about $400 from racing a lawnmower.

  • AmeriCorps Stacked
    AmeriCorps Stacked
  • Serve MT
    Serve MT
  • 21 Centutry Conservation Service Corps
  • Accredited Corps with The Corps Network
    Accredited Corps with The Corps Network